Sahara Davenport Dead: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

When it comes to drag queens, few were more fierce and entertaining than Antoine Ashley, or as he was known on the stage, Sahara Davenport. Sahara’s talents eventually landed him/her onto RuPaul’s Drag Race which catapulted him into the public spotlight. Sadly, Antoine died this week leaving countless Sahara Davenport fans to mourn the loss of this unique character.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. RuPaul Seems Devastated

Shortly after the announcement of Davenport’s death, RuPaul tweeted her feelings over the loss of one of her contestants.

2. He Graduated from Southern Methodist University

Davenport was a Dallas native who got a BFA in Dance from SMU. He then relocated to NYC where he began to perform regularly around the city.

3. He Dated Another RPDR Contestant

Davenport was romantically linked to season 3 runner-up, Manila Luzon (real name: Karl Westerberg). The two were still going out at Davenport’s time of death. On 4 days ago he tweeted this…

4. He Was Also a Singer

Davenport started branching out into non-dance based ventures earlier this year. He released a single “Go Off” in late January 2012.

5. He Was The Southern Belle of Drag Queens

During an interview with FIERTH, Sahara was asked what his biggest pet peeve was. His response?
“I get really annoyed when someone that I am not acquainted with addresses me with, “Hey Bitch!” Everyone knows that it’s, “Miss Davenport”. Whatever happened to manners?”

6. His Real Age is a Mystery

Most people list Sahara as having passed away at the age of 27. The issue is that her New York Times profile has him listed as 29 back in 2009 which would make her 32 today. Scandalous!

7. He Answered the One Question We All Have Always Wondered
During her NY Times spotlight the interviewer asked the age old question of what bathroom do drag queens use. Her answer was both logical and HILARIOUS!
“When I’m a lady, I’m a lady. Can you imagine walking into a men’s room and seeing a beautiful goddess standing at the urinal? It would be as much uncomfortable for them as it is for us.

8. He Appeared in Other TV Shows

Davenport’s TV career didn’t stop at RPDR. Sahara had roles on 15 Films About Madonna and soap opera staple, One Life to Live

9. He Tried to Fix the Unemployment Crisis

Ever wondered what it would be like to get job interview tips from a world renowned drag queen? Well, your search is over! Here are Sahara’s tips for landing job. (No, not that kind of job, the job where you get money. No, not that kind of job where you get money, the kind where you go to an office. No not that kind of money job in an office… stop asking questions).

10. Fans Were Convinced His Death Was a Hoax
Although reports have it that Davenport died as far off as yesterday, the family has yet to release a cause of death. This stirred up some buzz amongst fans who originally believed that Davenport’s death was a hoax.

Sahara was young and did not appear to have any health problems which lead the way for rumors of a hoax. Since then, Davenport conspiracy theorists have begun to acknowledge Sahara’s death.

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