Terry Crews Confirms Mike Judge ‘Idiocracy 2′ Project

Terry Crews is a man who can crush you with one pec if he so desired. He showed off these skills the other night with an appearance on Conan, promoting his cover of Muscles and Fitness magazine.

The real gem of the interview though comes at 2:40 , when Terry blurts out that Mike Judge is bringing one Idiocracy’s most colorful characters, President Camacho back. Mike had hinted at last year’s NY Comic Con about the possibility of an Idiocracy prequel that would focus on the world’s degradation into a planet inhabited by idiots and Camacho’s rise to power. Not surprisingly, there’s been no studio announcement yet.

Much like Idiocracy and basically every feature film Mike Judge has ever done, there will probably be little promotion from studios. If this Mike Judge project does become a reality, expect it to pop up in select, select theaters before gaining a cult following on DVD.