WATCH: The Art of Bashing in a Zombie’s Head, ‘Walking Dead’ Blood and Guts 101

Scott Ian takes a break from shredding with Anthrax to team up with Fangoria for a insider look at KNB EFX’s monster studio. The monster science lab has been involved on some of the most iconic sci-fi and horror movies of the last 20 years, from Predator to AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The man behind all this alien flesh and zombie blood is Greg Nicotero. Not only is Greg a special effects mastermind, but he fills in as zombie when needed. The deer munching walker from season 1 of The Walking Dead – that’s Greg.

The special effects and stories are cool and all, but the real sell in this video, the proper way to bash in a zombie’s brain. It’s a messy affair.

The Walking Dead returns on Oct 14th.

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