Lindsay Lohan Busted for Punching Chick at a Nightclub in NYC

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan‘s antics are seriously starting to get old. In the latest string of Lilo troubles, the Liz & Dick star got herself arrested for assault after allegedly getting into a fight with a woman at the New York City hotspot Club Avenue at 4 a.m. on Thursday, reports TMZ.

Apparently Lohan was enjoying a nice night out at the club when she got into some type of an argument with another female patron sitting in a booth close to hers. Police were called when the argument got physical and the 26-year-old landed herself behind bars.

Photographers later snapped the train-wreck celeb emerging from the cop shop with a coat over her head.

Lohan is already in trouble with the law (shocker) for reportedly lying to the police about being behind the wheel during a car accident with a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway in June. She faces the possibility of significant jail time.

Lindsay’s D-bag dad, Michael, said she’s “in a dark place.” Daddy recently stormed her home and tried to stage an intervention.

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