Please, Somebody Euthanize Snoop Lion Already

Snoop Lion has released his first single “La La La” off his upcoming reggae album, and already this cat needs to be put to sleep.

The video opens with a little girl asking Snoop why he changed his name. Already this is a bad sign.

It doesn’t get much better from there as Snoop and a bunch of kids in Halloween costumes prance around what looks like the stage of an elementary school production of The Jungle Book.

There’s also some stoned pineapples, video vixens and Snoop Lion sitting on a throne with some a generic reggae beat in the background. That chorus of “la, la, la, yeah” is pretty catchy though… bwhahahaha. Sorry, that’s an utter lie.

C’mon, Snoop, you released “Murder Was The Case” and now you’re putting out this crap?!