Steven Tyler Says F*ck on ‘Today’ & Thinks He’s on Different Show

Steven Tyler Today Show

“Good Morning America!” said ravaged rocker Steven Tyler this morning as he appeared on national TV with his band, Aerosmith.

The only problem is he was on the NBC’s Today show, not ABC’s Good Morning America.

“That’s why they haven’t done morning television!” bellowed jovial celebrity weatherman Al Roker. “They don’t even know what show they’re on!”

Steven Tyler Al Roker

Hey, what do you want from a guy who’s been partying like Lindsay Lohan for the last 120 years?

But Tyler one-upped himself later in the broadcast as, when Roker was doing the weather, Tyler was heard in the background screaming, “Thanks for coming out, you crazy f*cks! … New York City!”

“What’d he just say?” said Roker. “Uh, plenty of sunshine in the Great Lakes, on into the Northeast.”

TMZ has the video.

This comes two weeks after Tom Hanks dropped his own F-bomb on morning TV.

And just for fun, Steven Tyler topless:

Steven Tyler today show F-bomb

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