Twitter: The 10 Hottest Profiles

the most popular twitter profiles

The most followed Twitter profiles on the web are neatly stacked, sorted, and spun for you. Check out which celeb has conquered the coveted top spot.


The empress of all twitterdom rocks the top spot with an iron fist. Since August of 2010, when she surpassed Britney Spears (who?), she hasn’t relinquished the throne. Referring to her followers as her “little monsters”, the artsiest biotch on MTV is on the rise to have 32 million followers by the end of the year. They’ll soon all be moving to an island, where they can all poke each others faces or something.


Biebs takes the silver medal on this podium, with his nearly 30 million adoring profiles. He held the record for most popular individual tweet with over 223,000 retweets before president Obama ousted him just yesterday. He also leads the top 10 with nearly 20,000 overall tweets. Now that’s a man that wants to conquer the twitterverse.


The little girl trapped in a bimbos body takes third with almost 29 million to her name, followers that is. She keeps them satiated with updates on her shows and letting them know how thankful and blessed she is whenever it suits her.


Rihanna is coasting with 26.5 followers, sharing her thoughts and incites, and explaining why she still has anything to do with Chris Brown. We don’t know why either.


The pres cruises in with 22.7 million followers, and has issued out almost 8,000 tweets. Of course that’s easier to do with a team of cats managing the account for you. The real deal only occasionally has anything to say, but when he does, you know it’s from the heart.


I’m impressed this train wreck has been able to hold onto a top ten ranking, but more power to her, and her 21.6 million peeps. At this point, the account is more to promote that egregious show she’s participating in, and pretending she has any grounds to judge other people on their singing ability.


When she’s not crying about her stuffy nose, the country pop sensation regales her 20.4 million fans by demanding they vote for her in various award ceremonies. No word yet if Daddy paid for the twitter account too.


My God, the machines have already taken over. Youtube uses twitter to promote selected videos and highlight special events by regular contributors to their site. This is for people too lazy to look at Youtubes main page.


Shakira chimes in with an impressive 18.6 followers with just 1,500 hundred overall tweets, making her the least active twitterer in the top ten. Keep in mind her tweets are also translated into Spanish for additional measure.


Kim rounds out the top ten with 16.5 million followers, and a not too shabby 13,000 tweets. Her typical posts concern the Kardashian fashion line, and her sisters that no one gives a crap about.

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