‘World War Z’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

The much anticipated zombie horror-action film World War Z, starring Brad Pitt, is coming to a theater near you. Here’s what you should know.

1. It’s Based on a Book

Before the Hollywood glamor jockeys got a hold of it, WWZ was a little novel called World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, put out by Max Brooks in 2006 as a follow up to his 2003 hit The Zombie Survival Guide. It was your standard post-apocalypse zombie fare with a side of international social and political themes, all told through various unique “survivor” accounts. Drawing from interviews and accounts of WWII as a basis for wartime experience, not to mention the ridiculous amount of homework done by Brooks regarding the technological, political, economic, and cultural elements at play, the book serves as a complex and fresh offering on the zombie motif.

2. It Almost Didn’t Happen
Once the film reached the editing phase, it became the consensus that massive re-shooting was in order. The release was pushed back six months, and Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof was brought in to help reboot the screenplay.

3. It Might Be a Trilogy

Not to get all Willow on you, but this first installment is essentially a trial run for what could be another franchise series. It will be interesting to see how deep the film delves into the books plot line, especially the later chapters that explain the resolution of the worlds political climate and the elements of a world post zombie occupation. If it sells, it shall return.

4. It Went Way Over Budget
As mentioned previously, this baby almost didn’t happen. It took several attempts to find co-financing to get it off the ground, only to have the $125 million budget scoffed at, and balloon into the $170 million range.

5. Guns Were Seized

In a storyline straight out of Tom Clancy’s closet, a Hungarian anti-terrorism team seized 85 fully functional assault rifles from a warehouse that were meant to be used in the film. The paperwork regarding the weapons claimed them to be non-functional, thus everything appeared kosher. But unfortunately the guns were locked and loaded, and that’a no-no for any production crew.

6. Brad Pitt Was Not Happy

As if all this wasn’t enough, rumor has it that Brad nearly walked. Wanting to spend more time with his family, those plans went awry after the delays, re-shoots, and gun raids. When your star actor isn’t happy, no ones happy. Somehow they were able to put a band-aid on all this and push through.

7. Forster Was the Director
After taking the reigns on such films as Quantum of Solace, and Monster’s Ball, the German-Swiss director was given the keys to WWZ. This is his first film since 2011’s Machine Gun Preacher, and after numerous challenges to his artistic direction and vision of the film, he stands to gain or lose the most on this one.

8. It’s Rated PG-13

Sorry, gorehounds, your blood lust shall not be satiated. Paramount stuck to the rating with an iron fist, in hopes of appealing to a wider audience. While it’s not a death sentence, violence is a quintessential piece to the zombie puzzle. Buyer beware.

9. Fan-boys Unite!
There has been much skepticism regarding the films release by the WWZ community. The film will be told from a first person perspective, the events occurring in real time. The novel was sectioned into several post-war interviews/accounts by the survivors and players in the battle. This change, while understandable from a film makers point of view, is significant. How will this change the way the story develops, and was this key component of the narrative sacrificed for an easier to digest experience?

10. It Comes Out June 21, 2013
Mark it on your calendars, because as of right…now, this is the debut. Let’s hope for a bloody good time.

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