4 Holiday Gifts for the Looper in Your Life

To celebrate the DVD release of Looper, we’ve obtained some blog posts from the future. Year 2044 to be specific, the year Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis meet in Looper, the gritty sci-fi action flick that is set to hit shelves on DVD and Blu-ray this holiday season. 2044 is a stylish dystopia run by mobsters who employ Loopers – assassins who do their dirty work.

Dive deeper into the world of Looper and download a digital copy to watch today.

1. Eyedropper Glasses

It’s common knowledge that Loopers like to unwind with a little bit of the wet wink, if you know what I mean. Drops aren’t cheap, these glasses make it impossible to miss.

2. Stopwatch

Every Looper needs to have a timepiece that he can depend on. Why not go digital, with the appropriately named Marksman? Check out a new trailer for Looper below and [download a digital copy of the film/Pick up the DVD at Amazon] on December 31.

3. Skinny Tie

Today’s Looper is obsessed with retro early 21st Century style. A classic skinny tie will warm his heart and make him feel like the baddest mother in town.

4. Floating Magnets

Until he’s able to impress the ladies with TK telekinesis, these floating magnets will have them swooning at nightclubs as long as they don’t look too closely and aren’t too sober.

Check out a new trailer for Looper below and download a digital copy on iTunes.

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