6 Tips for Meeting Your Loop — An Etiquette Guide

To celebrate the DVD release of Looper, we’ve obtained some blog posts from the future. Year 2044 to be specific, the year Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis meet in Looper, the gritty sci-fi action flick that is set to hit shelves on DVD and Blu-ray this holiday season. 2044 is a stylish dystopia run by mobsters who employ Loopers – assassins who do their dirty work.

Dive deeper into the world of Looper and pick up the Blu-ray at Amazon available December 31.

OK, so your future self has decided that he doesn’t want to be taken out. Not the ideal outcome, but how can you blame him? Here are some tips to get through that first awkward encounter.

1. Let him order breakfast.

He knows what he wants. Besides, he or she might surprise you. You thought you didn’t like zucchini but maybe you’ve developed a taste for it in your old age.

2. Don’t ask too many questions.

It gets messy. Stick to pleasantries, let your Loop guide the conversation. Assume he or she already knows what you’re thinking.

3. Don’t try anything funny.

He’s your future self. He’s probably one step ahead of any clever ideas you might try to pull.

4. Try not to look too weirded out.

Sure, it’s going to be surreal seeing your balding, wrinkled self staring back at you. Maybe you’re disappointed, but try to hide that. You don’t want to embarrass the poor guy.

5. Don’t call him “Old Me.”

It’s just rude.

6. Chances are if you’re meeting your Loop over coffee, bad news is closing in on both your heads. Keep conversation cheerful. Avoid topics like surviving time travel, one’s inevitable demise, and girlfriends.

Check out a new trailer for Looper below and pick up the Blu-ray at Amazon available December 31.

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