Drake Pissed at Walgreens for Using ‘YOLO’ on Merchandise


Last year rapper Drake released his hit song “The Motto” and sparked the “YOLO” movement, a phrase that unbearably went viral. The phrase, which is the acronym for “you only live once,” gave millions of people worldwide the excuse to do something out of character because, well, YOLO. Not sure if you should have one more drink? YOLO. Got invited to go skydiving? YOLO. Hesitant to jump off of a bridge? YOLO.

The rapper posted a photo on Instagram of a display of hats with his famous YOLO motto on them and commented, “Walgreens….you gotta either chill or cut the cheque.” He then made his way to Macy’s a did the same thing. “Macy’s…same goes for you,” he wrote under a photo of a t-shirt saying “YOLO is my motto.”

It’s almost been a year since the debut of the song, so why didn’t he think to trademark the phrase when it was clear YOLO would be spewing out of the mouths of every teen who fell in love with the rapper when he was Jimmmy on the Canadian drama-filled show, Degrassi. Can YOLO even be trademarked? Walgreens and Macy’s probably has every right to use the phrase.

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