Jackie Chan Will Be In ‘Expendables 3′!

So maybe he’s not retiring after all. Surely he’ll have a small role in the film with so many stars already packed into this threequel, but hopefully — with Jackie Chan’s big swan song coming in next year’s Chinese Zodiac — we’ll get to see Jackie perform just a couple more breathtaking stunts before his career goes bye-bye.

I’m glad to see Jackie coming back to American cinema for one of his last hurrahs, but at the same time it’ll be sad to know that watching him in The Expendables 3 will be one of his last performances as a major action star.

In my opinion, Jackie Chan is the greatest action star of all time, and there’s no one, and I repeat, NO ONE, who will ever be able to duplicate or imitate his incredible body of work, which combined both humor, physicality and awe-inspiring cinematic action.

Jackie Chan will be joining Nicolas Cage as the new additions to the third film in this franchise.