Lindsay Lohan’s Storage Locker to be Auctioned Along with Belongings

According to Zap2it, Lindsay Lohan is so far in debt, she is $16,000 behind on payments for a storage locker containing personal belongings such as clothes, heirlooms and other items. If the recent Liz & Dick star doesn’t pay her bill, it’ll get auctioned off to its highest bidder, along with everything in it.

The locker can’t be opened until it’s paid in full. That’s too bad Lindsay is broke. Her financial situation is so desperate that the IRS has frozen all her bank accounts because of owed taxes, reports TMZ.

Looks just like Lindsay is pulling a Paris Hilton. If you recall, the same thing happened to the socialite in 2006 where a 6,000 square foot storage locker was auctioned off packed with Hilton’s belongings from prescription pill bottles to personal diaries to a naked video.

A&E already wants to film Lohan’s locker auction. Be sure to tune in.

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