WATCH: Chun-Li vs Tifa in Ultimate Girl Fight

Chun-Li vs Tifa (Street Fighter 2 vs Final Fantasy VII) – Girl Fight! Ultimate Fan Fights Ep. 5FB! RT! Mobile users, click below to vote! Chun-Li: Tifa: Check out Solid Snake vs. Ezio! Check out Batman vs. Captain America! Check out Scorpion vs. Ryu! Check out Link vs. Peter Pan! Street Fighter 2's Chun-Li vs Final Fantasy VII's Tifa in real life! It's the…2012-12-11T18:39:33.000Z

This has got to be a gamer’s wet dream. Two of the most iconic game femme fatales going toe-to-toe in a brutal match-up, does it get any better? It’s a pretty gnarly fight scene and both babes kick some serious ass. If Kitana shows up then we’ve got some serious trouble.