Britney Spears Quit ‘The X Factor’ Before She Got Fired

It turns out that pop star Britney Spears quit “The X Factor,” but only after she learned that Simon Cowell was going to sack her. When the 31-year-old singer found out that Cowell made plans to terminate her $15 million contract because she was “boring,” Spears beat him to the punch, reports the Daily Mail.

“The producers have already been making other plans for next season over the holidays,” a source close to production said. “The reality is that toward the end of last season the main players knew they wanted to replace both Britney and LA Reid. LA Reid wasn’t at the top of his game in second season and he knew that.”

LA Reid announced last month that he would not be returning to the show to focus more on his music career. Spears will do the same, according to TMZ. Britney is in the studio recording her eighth album and is seriously considering going on tour again.

Judging wasn’t her forte anyway. “The X Factor” insiders complained that Spears insisted on having breaks every few contestants during auditions and was often unengaged in the whole process, as Britney would barely look at the contestants she mentored while on stage.

Well, for Simon, it’s on to the next one. After a disappointing first season, Cowell fired judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger to seek more big name judges such as Britney to attract viewership. Guess that didn’t work out too well. Who will be next on the reality show’s list of A-list potential judges?

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