The 2013 Golden Globes GIFs Invade the Internet

So you didn’t sit down to watch a three hour award show of Hollywood schmoozing and now you’re worried about being out of the loop at the office water cooler? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with all the highlights (okay, some of the highlights) from last night’s booze soaked celeb fest. All the excitement without the commercials and stupid acceptance speeches in cutting edge GIF form!

tina and amy golden globes

Tina and Amy brought the funny to the Golden Globes in a classy way.

tina and amy drunk

Which lasted about 20 minutes and then turned into a sloppy drunken show.


Glen Close got hammered and proceeded to have a seizure.

Amy got boozed up and got her Clooney on.


It was a drunken party with lots of beautiful women, so of course Bill Clinton showed up.

spielberg salute

Spielberg acknowledges the party crash by Bill.

will ferell

Will Ferrell had a hilarious presentation performance with Kristen Wiig.


Tommy Lee Jones found it especially hilarious. Just look at that smile!


Adele won song of the year for Skyfall.

taylor swift golden globes

Taylor Swift didn’t win jack. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zero!

quintin fist

Boom! First Golden Globe for slavery.

jodie foster

Jodie Foster revealed that she’s a single lady… for the ladies.



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