PHOTOS: Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Weed

Justin Bieber Smoking Weed

After Justin Bieber’s fierce denials of slain photographer Chris Guerra’s claims that he smokes weed, TMZ has photo evidence that Biebs does indeed partake in the green stuff.

And another children’s star hits the dust. Like Miley Cyrus before him, Biebs no longer finds his squeaky clean image useful and so he has begun to shed it like the skin of youth, preparing him for the cold, hard outer exterior of adulthood. They just grow up so fast.

Anyone remember when Britney Spears was a virgin?

Justin Bieber Smokes Pot

Seriously, though — who cares? Justin Bieber smoked weed at a party. Ooooooooooooo. Still, it is entertaining. And we have photos. So here ya go, folks. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BIEB-GOD NOW?!?