Lindsay Lohan’s Ex-Lawyer Shawn Holley Officially Says Good Riddance

Lindsay Lohan regretted firing her lawyer, Shawn Holley, but TMZ reports that the celebrity lawyer is staying away from the troubled actress for good. Lohan stupidly signed a termination letter, sent it to Holley, but then told her that she was going to send another letter cancelling the first because she wanted her back. Well, now the lawyer is saying good riddance to LiLo and is currently in the process of filling out paperwork to officially withdraw from Lindsay’s lying-to-cops case.

Holley has had it with Lohan, who still owes the lawyer money.

Lohan hired Mark Heller as a replacement to represent her in the case, but he isn’t licensed to practice in the state of California. Way to go, Lindsay. Heller can only rep her if he gets a sponsor admitted to practice law in the state. He got a sponsor, Lindsay Berger Sacks, but the thing is she hasn’t practiced law in California since 1996.

Lindsay better straighten her sh*t out because her court hearing is on January 30. If the actress is found guilty she faces a possible 19 months in jail. Good luck getting out of this one Linds.

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