Mark Wahlberg & Bieber to Make ‘Color of Money’-Type Baskeball Movie

mark wahlberg justin bieber movie

Maybe Mark Wahlberg yearns for the days of his youth, when his career was built on hype, sex appeal and tween-age girls.

The now-acclaimed actor and producer is hooking up with Justin Bieber — who’s like a modern-day, less-ripped version of the Marky Mark phenomenon.

According to Radar Online, Wahlberg told Anderson Cooper that he and the Biebs will channel Paul Newman and Tom Cruise to make a “Color of Money-type basketball, street hustler movie”:

I’m the hustler and he’s the kid I have to reluctantly mentor because he’s a very good basketball player.

mark wahlberg justin bieber

Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that the same interview revealed Ted 2 is in the pipeline. Now that’s more like it, Marky.