One Direction Fans Send Death Threats to Zayn Malik’s One Night Stand

Zayn Malik, One Direction

Courtney Webb, Zayn Malik

Courtney Webb

Courtney Webb, the 21-year-old waitress from Australia who claimed last week that she slept with One Direction’s Zayn Malik, has reportedly been receiving death threats after his buddy posted her number online.

Webb said that Malik cheated on his current girlfriend with her and the boy band’s fans have been leaving disturbing voice mail messages on the waitresses phone ever since. The One Direction singer has been dating Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards for a year or so now and when fans heard that their beloved heartthrob is probably a cheating pig, they attacked the accuser.

“One American girl left me six voicemails in an hour saying she was going to kill me,” Webb said. “It’s really scary.”

Leon Anderson, a friend of Malik’s, posted the girl’s phone number on his Twitter after she explained to the media in detail of her intimate night with the singer. According to Webb, Malik tried filming the two having sex and she had to stare at the picture of the One Direction star’s girlfriend on the ceiling throughout the whole thing. To make things worse, he kicked her out by calling her a cab the second they finished. Classy.

The Aussie waitress said she had no idea that the singer was still dating Edwards until she spotted some of her items strewn about the house, such as fake eyelashes and other girly items.

Although Webb doesn’t have a Twitter, you can imagine the abuse this girl is getting on there, too.

As to whether or not Zayn Malik really did cheat on Perrie Edwards with this chick, no one knows for sure and neither one of them are commenting.