Top 10 Most Ridiculous Hip-Hop Instagrams

Like the rest of society, the hip-hop world has taken to Instagram. Only instead of feeds that feature photos of cupcakes and cats playing in boxes, the Instagram accounts of rappers showcase their blinged out lives, pimped rides and abundant stashes of weed. Even in sepia bling is still baller.

10. Rihanna Instagram: @badGalRiRi
It may not have massive amounts of pot, cash, or bling, but it’s Rihanna, and she’s ridiculously good looking. If you’re into Rihanna at varying levels of scantily clad dress, then this is one kind of ridick you won’t want to miss.

9. Juicy J Instagram: @juicyj
Juicy J has pot and shoes, makes music, and intimately touches girls’ bums on the dance floor– and that’s just the first four pictures. Some rappers bring an element of class to their social media outlet, Juicy J is not one of those rappers. He also probably doesn’t have to go to the ATM very often.

8. Rick Ross Instagram: @richforever
Rick Ross is a hip-hop legend and his Instagram makes the most of that status with crazy amounts of bling tattoos, and art. Yes, you read right, Rick Ross likes to photograph paintings, statues and other fine works that don’t pertain to the rap game. Classy. Here’s him with a cat that could very well maul him at some point in the future.

Rick Ross with a not house cat.

7. Meek Mill Instagram: @meekmill
Meek Mill boasts the usual shoes and bling, but he really likes to write little notes to his followers. It sets him out as the kind of guy who wants to connect with his fans on a personal level, but it’s weird because well, Instagram is a photo-sharing service. When he does post photos, they’re either shoes or watches. Good luck telling the time on this.

6. Snoop Dogg Instagram: @snoopdogg
Snoop’s Insta smells dank, but he’s no one-trick pony. Boasting almost 2,000 photos, there are pictures of every kind, including some of the funny meme variety. Not to mention a certain classic where a pointy-nosed small dog looks like the infamous stoner. Still, we’re gonna show you one of the best ones involving weed.

5. T.I. Instagram: @troubleman31
Wow. T.I.’s Instagram name sounds like a 14-year-old punk on Yahoo Answers. Not surprisingly, the ridiculous part of this Insta isn’t the brilliant photography, which is basically mundane things you could never afford, but @troubleman31’s crazy antics. For real. The press has reported on him personally attacking a boy who told his stepdaughter he wanted to have sex with her. I’m not the type to say mean things to T.I., but if that’s not ridiculous then what is? I mean, besides putting money all over your living room.

4. Freddie Gibbs Instagram: @FreddieGibbs
A picture says a thousand words and this one may say even more. Gibbs apparently snuck his weed right through the TSA and on a notice they included with his baggage, he mocks them saying “c’mon son.” Nothing results in a cavity search faster than starting beef with the TSA.

3. Big Sean Instagram: @BigSeanGood
Lions, shoes, and family, Big Sean’s Instagram is pretty crazy. We had to put him high on the list for including this still from one of his music videos. Nature so cray.

2. Fabolous Instagram: @myFabolousLife
Fabolous’ Insta is ridiculous in every sense. He demonstrates the usual love of shoes, bling, and booze, but his pictures are just a little bit more wow than just about anyone else’s. I mean, this pic would have the far more famous pothead, Snoop D-O-Double G blushing and probably embarrassingly Forgetting about Dre.

1. Tyler, The Creator Instagram: @TylerTheCreator
Man, it’s hard not to like Tyler, no matter who you are. His pictures lack the “I’m ridiculously rich” aspect of most other rappers. He shows us T-Shirts from his company, cats, and funny faces. In fact, his Instagram probably has more in common with Zooey Deschanel than Rick Ross. But hey, who doesn’t like cat pictures from the guy who ate a cockroach in the infamous “Yonkers” video?