Best Tweets from the 2013 Oscars

Welp, it’s about time America and the world gather around their television sets and partake in one of America’s favorite pastimes: movies, behind sports and eating, of course. Anyway, Seth McFarlane is running the show, so we can understand if you’d rather watch the 2013 Academy Awards than track your twitter. In the meantime, we’ll be diving deep in the twitter-verse to bring you the best tweets throughout the show.


A revealing dress leads a certain part of Anne Hathaway’s breasts to instant fame.

Gotta admire the speed of twitter.

  (last year it was Angelina Jolie’s right leg.)

Best Jokes so Far

Legendary mocker of Chris Brown, Jenny Johnson, highlights some of the ridiculous vocabulary that will be used tonight.

Daniel Day-Lewis has a high chance of winning an Oscar, and losing his life if Lincoln is any indicator.


Some snark straight from the horse’s mouth.


Quvenzhane Wallis making history!


(A little background here, Perez and Azaelia have been in a HUGE twitter battle for some time. She did eventually apologize for calling him the f word, the one that makes gay people upset.)


The Onion mocks the unending descriptions of peoples’ clothes.


I wonder if he’s even watching.


If only the world were kinder to these people…

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(if you don’t get that one, Laphroaig is an Irish whiskey)


Seth McFarlane’s dad is an interesting looking fellow.


Fun facts!




If you’re a twitter fan in general, check this out!

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