Charlize Theron Naomi Watts Reaction GIFs to the Boob Song are Priceless

Seth MacFarlane’s “We Saw Your Boobs” song wasn’t a hit with everyone (mostly people with no sense of humor). Many people took their rage to Twitter, arguing that it was offensive and sexist. Guess what, women of Hollywood, if you show your breasts on screen, people are going to talk about it, and comedians are going to make fun of it.

What was particularly great were the reactions from some of those Hollywood starlets to the song’s reference of their boob-flashing moments.

naomi wats boobs

You can literally see the horror set in on Naomi Watts’ face as her scene in Mulholland Drive is mentioned.

charlize theron boobs

And how many movies has Charlize Theron flashed her chest pillows in, 7? Ouch.

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jennifer lawrence boobs

Jennifer Lawrence got a mention in the song, but because she has NOT flashed her breasts… yet. Win for Jennifer!

Kudos to the other boob flashing actresses, though. Cinema is a richer art form because of their sacrifice.

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