Top 20 Tweets from Fans Who Can’t Wait for ‘Fast & Furious 6′

fast and furious 6 paul walker

Fast & Furious may have the most passionate online fan base of any action-film franchise, and Fast 6 has generated enormous social-media buzz.

As The New York Times reported:

Among six movies that were advertised during the [the Super Bowl], Fast & Furious 6 received more mentions in social media on that day than the other five films combined.

But that’s just one day. Momentum is still building ahead of the film’s Memorial Day release. To give you a slice of the action, here are some of our favorite #Fast6 fan tweets.

1. Snookie is Pretty Pumped

2. Super Bowl < Fast and Furious 6

3.  Simmer Down Now, Jeff


4. I Think She Loves It

5. omg, omg….o.m.g

6. O….M….G

7. This Guy Wants to be a Bad Guy

8. She Dreams a Dream

9. Amanda Seriously Can’t Wait…

10. Chubby Isn’t Gonna Watch it Just Once

11. Are YOU a Movie Hater?


12. The Real Slim Shady’s Gettin Real

13. Fine Like Wine

14. Feel Sorry For Whoever Sits Next to Her

15. “Greatest Movie”

16. Casa Blanca, Citizen Kane and… Fast & Furious 6

17. Matt Wants It to be the Longest Movie in the World


18. Tracy is a Longtime Fan

19. Even Non-Fans are Converting


20. As Alleah Eloquently Puts:

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