Lady Gaga’s Rider Requests Mannequins with Pink Pubic Hair

Lady Gaga's tour rider is as extravagant and weird as she is

You’re no doubt familiar with Lady Gaga’s onstage antics — in a word, she’s flamboyant. For all her eccentricity, extravagance and excess in the public eye, though, she has just as much of it backstage.

Her tour rider just became available online via Celebuzz, and it’s as ridiculous as her meat dress.

Gaga brought on a whole new level of crazy when she asked for a litany of high-quality food items, very specific personal grooming products, and — get this —white mannequins with pink pubic hair. Whether it’s a nod to Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange or just the latest thought to pop into her over-privileged brain, she has probably (definitely) lost it.

Lady Gaga's tour rider requested white mannequins with pink pubic hair

Gaga was very specific in her requests — you really know what you want if you ask for “Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas” and “guacamole (home made, served in a bowl).” She also wanted fresh roses (“yellow, lavendar [sic] or white”), fan art hung on the walls, and 8 Fuze “Slenderize” drinks. Those are oddly particular items, but nothing adds up to the pink-bushed mannequins and vintage glam-rock posters.

Check out some of the rider below for some comical reading. If you see her on tour this year, ask her if she has both of her seafoam loofahs backstage. She’ll know what you mean.

Lady Gaga asks for some extravagant items on her tour rider

Lady Gaga asks for crazy things on her tour rider