Michael Jackson’s 16-year-old Son Prince is Now a TV Reporter

Prince Jackson — the late Michael Jackson’s 16-year-old son — has landed his first job as an on-camera reporter for the syndicated show Entertainment Tonight. Prince and his two other siblings (Blanket and Paris) have been kept out of the public eye since their birth and made only a few appearances upon their father’s death. But now the teenager and heir to Michael Jackson’s millions appears ready to be in the spotlight. “I’m looking to become well-rounded as a producer, director, screenwriter and actor,” he told the show.

Prince Jackson Michael Reporter

After an on-camera coaching session on journalism techniques from ET’s Brooke Anderson, Jackson recorded his first interview with James Franco, Zach Braff and Sam Raimi of the upcoming Oz the Great and Powerful. ET will broadcast clips from the interview throughout this week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jackson’s status as a minor means his appearances on ET will likely be limited.
When speaking about his maturity and ambition, Prince thanked the King of Pop: “That was all thanks to my dad. He raised me right.”

Get a sneak peak of Jackson’s first interview below:

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