Oscars 2013: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

The 85th Academy Awards were held Sunday night, and we’ve got your roundup of the most memorable moments and important developments. For a complete list of winners and nominees, go here:

1. Daniel Day-Lewis is the First Actor to Win Three Best Actor Awards

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Tom Hanks has won two. So does Russell Crowe. But no one has won three best actor awards until now, and rightfully so. He was the heavy favorite for his epic performance in Lincoln, and let’s face it, Daniel Day Lewis could play Gumby and still win an award for best actor. The guy can do anything.

2. Argo Wins Three Awards Including Best Picture

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Boo hoo. So you didn’t get nominated for best director, Mr. Ben Affleck. Well, guess what? You already have an Oscar (Good Will Hunting) and now you just got another one for best film of the year. So, are you still crying?

3. Music Takes Over the Oscars

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I almost forgot I was watching the Oscars with all the musical performances, seemingly before every commercial break. I mean, did we really need the original song to Goldfinger to make an appearance on this show? I think not. Let’s tighten things up next year, Academy. Perhaps more long-haired technical wizards is what we need instead (if you don’t get that joke then you obviously didn’t watch the awards).

4. Ted Makes an Incredibly and Technically Amazing Appearance


I’m truly convinced that a magical talking teddy bear exists in this world and he has an amazing sense of humor. Otherwise, how in the hell did Ted climb onto a chair next to Mark Wahlberg and present an award? You tell me.

5. Ben Affleck Gets Shafted — Then Wins the Big One
“You can’t hold grudges.” That’s what Ben Affleck said when accepting his award for best picture. Obviously he was speaking on his snubbing for best director. (See No. 2)

6. Michele Obama Introduces the Best Picture Awards and Announces the Winner!

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I honestly didn’t see this coming, but it shows you that the Obama administration is dedicated to the American arts movement, and that is just dandy by me. The arts need more high-level endorsements, and it doesn’t get any higher than the office of the president. BTW, did you see how many people were surrounding her?

7. Ang Lee and Life of Pi Win For Best Director and Garner the Most Awards

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No production really swept the Oscars this year, but Life of Pi came away the winner with a best director Oscar for Mr. Lee for a total of four awards for the film.

8. Seth Macfarlane Does a Fantastic Job and Can Sing His Ass Off!

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He performed three musical numbers, with a variety of superstar guests and showed some vocal chops that put half of the best-song nominees to shame. Plus he didn’t get overtly mean when lambasting the overprivileged audience. Just an overall great job from the king of The Family Guy.

9. The Youngest Actress to Get Nominated Doesn’t Win


While she was a strong candidate to win, 9-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis just couldn’t overcome Jennifer Lawrence’s riveting Silver Lining’s Playbook performance. But, there’s always next year for Ms. Wallis, who is rumored to be playing Annie in the remake of the musical.

10. The Avengers Make an Appearance
Avengers…assemble! At least to present a special effects award. Because that’s what earth’s mightiest heroes do. They give awards to computer nerds.

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