The 10 Best Screaming Goat Remix Videos

It turns out goats are hilarious. Combine their awesome screams with pop songs and you get Goat Remix–the latest YouTube craze. You’ll wonder why you ever bothered listening to music that didn’t feature screaming goats.

The Biebs makes all the goats swoon.

It was only a matter of time before Taylor Swift would break up with the goat.

It’s like Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” was made for a goat remix.

Adele just won an Oscar, but having her song “Rolling in the Deep” goat-remixed is the highest honor she’s received.

Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is greatly improved with the addition of a goat.

Katy Perry is lifting the self-esteem of goats everywhere.

Goats never turn down a party, especially not parties in the USA.

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This goat is a die hard Directioner.

Will the real goat please stand up?

And finally, a loving tribute to Whitney Houston.