The 20 Awesomest Animals Playing Sports


They don’t have multi-million dollar contracts. They aren’t greeted by stadiums filled with screaming fans. These animals are in it only for the love of the game. Windsurfing dogs, water skiing elephants, basketball dunking otters — welcome to the wide world of animal athletes.

Basketball dunking otter

This basketball playing sea otter is all like Air Bud who?

Basketball playing dog gif

This dog cites Air Bud as an inspiration.

Volleyball playing dog

This dog is named Ace, maybe.

Skateboarding Parakeet

Why fly when you can skateboard?

Hamster playing Golf

Imagine the teeny-tiny Masters jacket that would go on this little guy!

Bear riding a bicycle

This bear tested positive for awesome-enhancing drugs.

Monkey playing baseball

This monkey doesn’t quite have the rules of baseball down yet, but he’s getting there.

Soccer elepant

Anything in the rule book about using your trunk while playing soccer?

Surfing dogs

The dog on the right is clearly enjoying surfing most.

Golfing Elephant

This caddy wins the Best Summer Job Ever award.

Skateboarding bunny

Only the most adorable punk ever.

Elephant playing basketball

This guy is participating in the All Star Slam Trunk contest.

Soccer Penguin

Morgan Freeman narrates this sports documentary.

Canoeing dogs

If your games of fetch don’t involve a canoe, then I don’t know what you’re doing.

Beluga whales playing soccer

You haven’t played soccer until you’ve played beluga whale soccer.

Soccer roosters

Action shot of the most intense game of soccer ever.

Windsurfing Dog

Because sticking your head out the window isn’t enough for some dogs.

Kayaking dog

Who wants to go for a kayak?

Snowboarding Dog

Tillman the bulldog is famous for skateboarding, but he enjoys shredding it on fresh powder on occasion, making him the Shawn White of the canine world.

Waterskiing Elephant

The Crows from Dumbo said it best, “I’d be done seein’ about everything when I see an elephant waterski.”

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