The 20 Worst Haircuts Vol 2

haircut fails cover

Ever look back at an old picture of yourself, see your haircut, and say to yourself, “Man, what was I THINKING?” Well, fortunately for you, your worst haircut ever just got 20x better. Scroll down, feel the immediate ego boost, and say to yourself, “Man, what were THEY thinking?”

The Half-and-Half
Perk up, buddy. Life can’t be that bad, it’s just all about decisions – and not being able to choose between cornrows and an Afro is a really bad one.

The Dumber and Dumberest
Sometimes there’s just no explanation needed.

The Literal Rattail
The saddest aspect of this haircut is, there had to have been some serious foresight involved because, c’mon, look at the LENGTH of that tail!

The Prophet
There’s something strangely portentous about this man’s chosen styling of his golden locks. And not the good. I’d say Jonestown, circa 1978, would be the best fit for this ‘do.

The Puzzle Piece
Anybody see this kid’s missing piece of hair? It’s black and is about the size of his entire forehead.
puzzle piece haircut

The Nationalist
Chairman Mao approves.

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Mr. Green, In the High School, With the Hair Braids
Gonna go out on a limb here and say that this yearbook photo doesn’t represent anyone on the football team.

The No Business, All Party
Welcome to Mulletville, where this guy is having WAY more fun with his party in the front AND the back.

The Jackson
Billy Jean is not my lover, but she’s apparently your barber.

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The Unisex
I think it’s a dude ‘do, but when I focus on this picture too long, it’s like a Magic Eye and I start having my doubts.
unisex haircut

The Blob
Say a prayer for the three cans of Aqua Net that were killed in the making of this hairstyle.

The Abacus
Perfect for a dark ages tax collector, nowadays you just look crazy.

The Lizard
What’s worse than having a rat with a long tail on the back of your head? A lizard with a longer tail on your entire head.

The Cellist
Remember that orchestra kid on the bus that had to lug that huge cello to and from school? Say hello to his mother.
cellist haircut

The Layerer
Some girls have thin hair. This girl doesn’t. And she wants to make the former jealous by looking like an idiot.

The Klingon
Whether he’s a Trekkie or not, this guy is looking a lot like Worf.
klingon haircut

The Daisy Chain
Imagine if this guy had shown up to Vietnam War protests in the 70s. That flower in the gun barrel photo would’ve been nothing. Please also note the fly on the fourth flower up. Real or ornament?

The Angry Bird
Some people want attention. This guy really wants it.
angry bird

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The Chuck Norris
Just like Chuck Norris, this kid ain’t joking around. Little known fact: The back of this kid’s head once stopped a bank robbery.

The Nabisco
Sorry Double Stuf fans, original will have to do. But don’t be so mesmerized by the ‘do that you reach for an Oreo – she doesn’t look like the sharing type.

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