American Idol Hopeful Zoanette Johnson: Five Fast Facts You Need To Know

Zoanette Johnson

One of the more popular personalities on the current season of American Idol is none other than Miss Zoanette Johnson. She works as rehabilitation specialist and originally hails from Liberia, where she fled from when she was two. Here’s five fast facts you should know about this eccentric woman and her work thus far on the music-themed reality showcase.

1. She Brought Nicki Minaj To Tears

During the February 27th edition of American Idol, Zoanette Johnson performed her rendition of the songs “Circle of Life,” a popular tune from Disney’s The Lion King. Her beautiful performance brought Nicki Minaj to her feet and also brought her to tears. Cambio reported what Nicki said to Zoanette after she finished wowing the audience:

Who gon’ check you, boo? You just served it. I am so proud of you. You make me so emotional…You’re unforgettable, you’re a superstar.

Zoanette’s performance can be seen above.

2. She Sung The National Anthem For Her Audition

Zoanette Johnson, 20, first auditioned for American Idol by singing the National Anthem for the judges in attendance. Did she ace the song or did she butcher our nation’s theme? Check out her audition above and decide.
3. She Was Featured In A “Road to Hollywood” Vignette

Zoanette, who hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma was featured in a video profile entitled “Road to Hollywood,” a series that delves into the contestants who are competing on the 12th season of American Idol. Her expose can be seen above.
4. Her Performances Have Stood Out From The Pack

Zoanette has received worldwide attention for her wild performances and interesting choices in songs. During her group phase on the show, she sang “Knock on Wood” alongside her fellow contestants. And when she was made to do a solo performance, she performed an original song while playing on the drums. Both performances can be seen above.

5. She Seems To Be Quite Fond of Nicki Minaj
Zoanette Johnson
Zoanette seems to have taken a liking to American Idol judge and YMCMB rapper/singer Nicki Minaj. Zoanette is especially fond of the entertainer’s hairstyle, as evidenced by this tweet:

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