‘Average Party’ Trailer, ‘Where’s the Boobs and Beer?!’

“Dude, your parents are out of town this weekend! Party! We’re all gonna get crazy laid!”

That happened like once in the history of high school.

Average Party tells the more accurate story of what a high school parents-free “rager” is like. Don’t believe the hype of Project X, 92% of high school parties have a severe lack of alcohol after the first 30 minutes and guys usually outnumber the girls 5 to 1. It’s a sad statistic but a true one. Just because you put on the “epic party playlist” doesn’t mean your party is going to be anywhere close to remotely epic. Your parent’s stereo system isn’t even that good and you know that your mom’s gonna be pissed if you get a water stain on the coffee table.

Party on, dude! Share this!

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