Canadian Granny Posts Swimsuit YouTube Videos

Kim Bright of Brandon, Manitoba is doing her best not to let this year’s long, cold winter get her down.

A new grandmother, Bright has uploaded a series of YouTube videos of her partaking in the best of Canada’s winter activities – all while dressed in a swimsuit.

In the videos she can be seen riding a snowmobile, making snow angels, ice skating and walking the dog – as well as helping a stranded motorist by pushing his car. The whole time, she’s decked out solely in a black one-piece bathing suit, a trapper’s hat and some running shoes.

Bright, who told the CBC she made the first video as a joke for her snowbird friends who migrated south for the winter, decided to keep making more after the first was so well received.

We did that one and it was [like], ‘Oh, well, why don’t we do a skating one?’ So that was number two. And then, ‘Oh, why don’t we do one walking the dog in the winter? It just went on from there. Some of them have gotten a little ridiculous.

She’s even got a catch phrase that she uses in some of her videos, yelling: “Fight on Manitoba!”

Known for its bone-chilling weather, temperatures in Manitoba have been brutal. On Thursday morning the thermometer read -21oC, or -5.8oF.

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