Catherine Giudici: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Catherine Giudici The Bachelor, Sean Lowe, The Bachelor

The Bachelor culminated Monday night with the finale and a diamond ring as bachelor Sean Lowe proposed to the love of his life after choosing Catherine Giudici over Lindsay Yenter, reports ABC. Here’s what you need to know about the lucky girl.

1. Catherine Giudici Was Chosen by The Bachelor‘s Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe chose Catherine Giudici over Lindsay Yenter to be the love of his life. The finale, which was taped in Thailand, saw Lowe get down on one knee to pop the question. Without hesitation, Giudici said yes.

2. She is a Graphic Artist
Before being on The Bachelor, Giudici was a full time graphic artist and a part time writer. She works as a visual designer for Amazon and writes about vegan food on the blog,
3. She’s Filipino
The Bachelor, Catherine Giudici the bachelor
Giudici is Filipino, Swiss and Italian, but is a native to Seattle, Washington. She recently posted a message on her Twitter account boasting her mother’s Filipino heritage.

4. And Vegan
The Bachelor star practices what she preaches. After a trip to Kenya, Giudici returned to the United States with a new attitude for food and became a vegan. However, she is a self-proclaimed “opportunistic” vegan, eating meat only on special occasions.
5. They’re Still Together
The Bachelor, Catherine Giudici, Sean Lowe
The finale was taped back in November, but the two are still together. They even announced on The Bachelor reunion show that they plan on getting married on ABC as soon as they can get it coordinated.

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