Comedian Pete Holmes Gets a Late Night Show: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Pete Holme's Late Night Show
TBS is shaking up their late night landscape with the addition of comedian Pete Holmes. Starting this fall, Holmes will have a show that follows Conan O’Brien, and is produced by O’Brien, on TBS. The show will feature guest interviews, sketches, short films, live comedy, and field pieces.

In case you don’t know much about Pete Holmes, let’s get you all caught up.

1. He has a popular podcast.
Pete Holmes Podcast

“You Made It Weird” has developed something of a cult following of what Holmes refers to as “weirdos.” Generally, the podcast is set up as a one-on-one interview between Pete Holmes and a comedian. Occasionally, the show has live episodes that feature several comedian guests in front of an audience. The show was originally conceived as Pete Holmes exploring the weird things about his guests, but has kind of devolved from that premise and is basically a conversation between 2 people that touches on 3 topics–comedy, sex, and God. His candor and openness are a trademark of the show, as a result his fans know far too much about him (like the details of his virginity loss).


The podcast gets loving flack for having pretty blatantly ripped off Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast (as evident in that tweet from fellow comedian Mike Birbiglia), which also features interviews with comedians.

A spin-off, You Made it Movies, recently started, and consists of Holmes and a guest commenting on a movie, and is meant to be listened to while watching the movie.

2. He was raised an Evangelical Christian.
Comedian Pete Holmes

Something that comes up frequently on the podcast is Pete Holmes’ religious upbringing. He talks about being extremely involved with church as a youth, which was quite repressive for him. He has since broken away from the Evangelical church, but remains curious and discusses God in every episode of You Made It Weird. The God segment, which typically is saved for the end, is well-received, according to Holmes.

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3. This is not his first venture into television.
Comedian Pete Holmes

Besides his television appearances performing stand-up, he has worked on other TV shows. He wrote for Outsourced and I Hate My Teenage Daughter. Holmes has said he worked on those shows as an opportunity to learn how a show is produced, knowledge that he will now get to use.

Holmes was also a voice on the animated show Ugly Americans.

Besides his work in television, he has performed and written in a number of sketches and videos online, notably his Batman series for College Humor.

4. He does impressions.
There Will Be Blood

He’s pretty solid at impressions, dabbling in a wide range of voices. The episode of his Batman web series in which Batman chooses his voice showcases a number of his impressions. He frequently whips out the different voices like a party trick. While on the Doug Loves Movies podcast he was encouraged by Bill Burr to do an amusing Christopher-Walken-doing-the-Fonz impression.

Among his go-to impressions is Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood, his favorite movie. Holmes feels a deep connection to the film due to his aforementioned religious upbringing and the fact that he is the son of an oil man. It’s not out of the ordinary if Pete Holmes is screaming “I am the Third Revelation!” in his best Daniel Day-Lewis voice.

5. He’s the voice of the E*TRADE baby!
E Trade Baby

That’s a fun fact you can pull out to impress your friends.

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