Wipe Your Ass with a Pine Cone (& 19 Other Stupid Ways to Save Money)

In this economy, pretty much everyone is trying to save a bit of money here and there. Yet, despite the desperation, there are some wrong ways to live frugally. Now, the methods in this list aren’t just ineffective and pointless, they’re downright terrible ways to keep that wallet as heavy as you can.

Don’t pay for a tattoo, just get struck by lightning!

the cheapest tattoo

Seems legit.


Totally worth it.


Who needs flowers? Just use empty bags of chips!


Bathe and get free money at the same time!

get paid to take a bath

Don’t pay to renovate your couch, just use duct tape!

cheap new couch

The affordable hot water heater!

Hot Shower

Because friends are expensive…


Honesty is free.


Toothpaste is so cheap, this makes perfect sense!

Toothpaste mints

Finally, affordable toilet paper.

Cheapest Tp possible

Forever, probably.

Ramen Death

Why buy ketchup when you can just take these from fast food places?

The cheapest ketchup

This one is actually legit…


Yet another perfectly reasonable, affordable meal…


Who needs a babysitter?

cheap baby sitter

Surprise cake done at the right price: your friend’s dignity.


How long can this possibly last? Probably forever, at least.

Car wheel

Save money on your water bill…


This documentary will teach you how to feed three kids for the price of feeding just one!


curated from reddit.com/r/frugaljerk

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