Gucci Mane Changes His Name, Then Changes His Mind

Gucci Mane Name Change

Rapper Gucci Mane went to twitter on March 4 to announce his official name change: “July 2nd I’m officially changing my rap name to Guwop and retiring the great GucciMane Thanks Fans, for 8 years as Gucci now it’s Wop turn,”.” Unfortunately for ‘Wop’, his turn only lasted a total of 32 minutes. After receiving an unprecedented amount backlash from his fans, Gucci Mane had to retract his statement and say goodbye to Guwop for good.

32 minutes later, Mane issued the following tweet.

You would think artists learned their lesson after Prince infamously changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol in 1998. At least Prince’s symbol name lasted a long 2 years before the pop-icon reverted back to Prince. The thing is, Prince changed his name before the Twitter era. Unfortunately for Guwop, I mean Gucci Mane, his name change was so heavily protested by angry tweeting fans that he was forced to retract his decision and say bye-bye Guwop. Here are some examples of the harsh tweets that swarmed his profile seconds after Mane’s name changing post:


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