Is Shiri Appleby’s Leaked Nude Pic an Accident or Publicity Stunt?

Shiri ApplebySt. Nicholas/UPN.

Another day, another semi-celebrity leaks a nude picture of herself standing in her bathroom.

Shiri Appleby, film and tv actress best known for her leading role as Liz Parker in the series Roswell has been added to the exposed club of full-frontal Internet personalities. The reflection selfie has been making its way through the seedier websites dedicated to celebrity nudes without much commotion, but there is speculation the leaked pic wasn’t accidental.

Shiri Appleby

Some are saying the naked pic is simply a publicity stunt for Appleby’s recent appearance on HBO’s comedy-drama Girls — a show notorious for its blatant nudity and uncensored sexual awkwardness. And perhaps speculation is right. After all, this picture is not much different from the skin we see on the show. In fact, Appleby’s explicit sex scene on the recent Girls episode “On All Fours” has been one of the most-talked-about moments from the show’s second season.

Meanwhile, some fans are insisting it isn’t even Appleby, while the actress herself has so far remained mum.

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