Could the Bieber Tide Be Finally Turning? Tardy Beeb Enrages UK Fans

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Could the Bieber tide at long last be turning?

Justin Bieber fans in London are venting their anger at the tiny teeny-bopper, after a concert scheduled for last night started more than two hours late.

Exhausted mothers and fathers (his fans are barely old enough to stay up past 9 p.m., let alone drive) are also expressing their anger at having to wait around for the Beeb to finish up his set.

Concertgoers said the the diminutive Canuck finally showed up onstage at the O2 Arena on Monday at 10:30 p.m., when the start time had been listed as 8:30.

One mother told the AP:

There were teenage girls crying outside. The ladies sitting with us had to leave after 20 minutes and they had spent 70 quid (£70, about $106) each on a ticket, which is really bad. It’s one thing if your demographic is 50-year-olds, but his demographic is lots of little girls who need to go home and go to bed.

Bieber himself seems to be in denial though (maybe it’s the weed?) and maintained on Twitter that he was only 40 minutes late.

The response was less than generous.

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