Justin Bieber Gets Half-Naked in Frigid Polish Airport in Latest Bizarre Behavior

bieber shirtless

Something is horribly wrong with The Biebs.

Bieber was spotted going shirtless into a Polish airport late Monday night, in 14 degree temperatures, only to walk to his gate and get dressed again before boarding his flight out of the country.

A spokeswoman for Lodz Airport in central Poland told Reuters that “He wasn’t told to take off his clothes. He had no metal objects on him.”

This adds to a recent string of incidents that are just plain odd. There was the Justin Bieber marijuana scandal, then the Justin Bieber is over 2 hours late to his concert on a school-night scandal, and then the Justin Bieber assaults paparazzi scandal:

And here’s Justin two weeks ago, donning a gas-mask in London, which there’s probably a totally logical explanation for.

justin bieber gasmask

Bieber recently defended himself against accusations that he needs rehab in a really mature way. He took to his Instagram and let loose on this long, practically incoherent rant:


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