‘Mob Wives’ Star Pia Rizza Gets Rejected by Playboy

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Mob Wives Chicago star Pia Rizza was quickly turned down by Playboy after submitting her nude pictures to the porn mag, reports TMZ.

According to the entertainment website, the whole debacle began when Rizza found out that someone was trying to sell her nude photos to the media. Instead of just letting it happen, she decided take control of the situation and release the photos herself, hoping that they would get her a Playboy spread.

Playboy received the nudes of the 40-year-old reality star last weekend, but kindly said that they were not interested. Ouch. Sorry, Pia.

However, Rizza responded to TMZ on Twitter, saying that she wasn’t the one who sent the nude photos in to Playboy.

Pia Rizza is a cast member of the reality television show Mob Wives Chicago, which follows the lives of women who have husbands or fathers that have been arrested for crimes connected to the Mafia. Rizza is the daughter of Vincent Rizza, who worked for the Chicago Mafia and later testified against them. Her family was placed in the Federal Witness Protection Program and she has struggled since she was a little girl from the shame of having a “rat” as a father.

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