Russell Crowe Posts Laughable ‘UFO’ Footage

Russell Crowe Posts Embarrassing UFO Footage

Russell Crowe is known the world over for his offscreen antics almost as well as he is for his many film roles. According to Raw Story, this time he’s posted a video comprised of time-lapse photos taken from his Sydney, Australia office that he purports to be footage of an extraterrestrial UFO.

The footage, which Crowe took the liberty to edit (even though unedited footage would have likely been more believable), is sketchy at best. It stirred up quite the response when he posted it to his Twitter feed with the message, “UFO? Time lapse photos outside RC’s Wooloomooloo Office (THESE ARE REAL!)”. One user commented, “Please never post anything online again Russell. It’s just embarrassing.” Other users were quick to offer possible explanations for the pink light shooting across the screen (a cell phone, a passing car’s headlights, a lens flare, etc.), and none of them likened it to an alien craft.

He’d said that he and a friend were trying to get video of fruit bats that night, and they got quite a surprise when they reviewed the footage. Crowe tried to defend his assertions by saying that it was shot using a reputable camera and that a lens flare was not a possibility, but the damage had already been done.

It would be a surprise if his reputation suffered too dearly for this offense though–he’s still going after he threw a phone at a New York hotel concierge and later throwing a British TV producer up against a wall.