Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera Solve the Internet with JASH

Ever feel that there’s just too many crap videos on YouTube and somebody should really come in and cleanup that mess of video slop? Not to worry, faithful internet addicts! Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera have a solution – they will now make all internet videos.

It’s all part of a new collaborative called JASH (Just Attitude So Hey), launched at SXSW over the weekend with Reggie Watts and Adult Swim favorites Tim & Eric.

While it probably won’t solve the issue of your next door neighbor uploading his reviews of the new KFC breakfast bowl, it will offer some prime comedy content. The JASH team is jumping head first into the video experiement and will be releasing videos everyday of them doing pretty much whatever the hell they want. Some of it will fail, some of it will win, but you can bet that it will all be original.

Via Hollywood Reporter

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