The 10 Best ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ Comic Strips

Calvin and Hobbes was my favorite comic strip growing up. It reminds me that it’s ok to have an imagination. Sometimes, it’s the best thing that you can have. Let’s take a look back at some of the best strips. Come, walk with me.


I wouldn’t want Calvin as my doctor either.


Calvin needs this kind of push!


No…no I’m not crying. I have something in my eye.


Bill Watterson’s ability to be complex in a single strip still amazes me.


I think we’ve all been there!


Be happy with the smaller things. I love that he captures that with a Tiger.


Deep inside, I hope my kid does this to me one day.


Don’t think, just do. Keep going.

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This is my favorite one of all time. So brilliant in so few words.


Calvin shows us how much the mind can expand.

Just below is a short film inspired by Calvin & Hobbes. Check it out!

UPDATE: An awesome animated short of Calvin & Hobbes

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