The 100 Greatest Wrestling Themes Countdown: #100 – #91


WWE’s livest PPV extravaganza is just around the corner with Wrestlemania 29, emanating from New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium. And fans are already saving up their tax refunds for next year’s Wrestlemania 30 from New Orleans. I felt like the best way to celebrate this year’s upcoming wrestling festivities is by counting down the 100 greatest wrestling themes of all time.

These are the songs that you may be embarrassed to have on your iPod, the themes that get you out of your seat at a live show and the tunes that bring back memories of squared circle nostalgia.

100 theme songs are a lot to list in one day, so I’ve made it easy for you all by counting them down in separate pieces with 10 songs apiece. Keep your eyes peeled for the next parts of this list.

You’re welcome! *Damian Sandow voice*

100. Jushin “Thunder” Liger – “Ikari No Jyushin”
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If you remember this super extravagant guy, major brownie points to you. Liger was (and still is) one of the hardest working cruiserweight wrestlers the wrestling world has ever seen. He’s still going strong in NJPW and making his legendary entrance with this “straight out of an amine intro” theme song.

99. Taka Michinoku – “Yamato Suite No.4”
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Taka Michinoku was one of the few shining examples of WWE doing light heavyweight wrestling the right way. He earned that Light Heavyweight Championship with hard earned victories, thanks to that vicious Michinoku Driver of his. His theme rocked hard, domestically and internationally.

98. Al Snow – “What Does Everybody Want?”
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WHAT DOES EVERYBODY WANT? I’m sure you know the (sexually suggestive) rest). Al Snow made a killing in ECW when he debuted with everyone’s favorite mannequin head. His Hardcore Division run was always chaotic and fun to watch, but this theme song made his fans appreciate him even more. WHAT DOES EVERYBODY NEED? HEAD!

97. Chyna – “Who I Am”
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My, my, my have the mighty have fallen. Chyna used to be a mega force within the WWF’s Women’s Division during those good ol’ Attitude days. When the words “Low Blow” come to mind, an image of Chyna clad in black leather clothing comes to mind. This theme came at the height of her popularity. She’s popular for some more “explicit” reasons now, though…

96. Filthy Animals – “Psycho”
Filthy Animals 1st WCW Theme – Psycho + Download LinkFilthy Animals 1st WCW Theme – Psycho *ALL Rights Reserved To Thier Respective Owners* Download Link:
WCW’s Latino stable was awesome, weren’t they? Konnan, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Eddie Guerrero and Torrie Wilson before her Hollywood arm candy days took over the group in its first incarnation. Their initial theme song had the funniest lyrics ever uttered in an arena – “I PULL A RABBIT OUT DA HAT AND CHOKE IT!” Truly poetic. Let’s all forget about Disco Inferno’s time with the group…

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95. American Wolves – “Clutch”
American Wolves ROH On HDNet Theme "Clutch" by Barrie GleddenThe hunt is on.2011-02-02T22:23:29.000Z
ROH is home to a crop of young, hungry and ruthless up and coming wrestlers. One of their most premier tag teams are the American Wolves, two mat technicians who can break limbs without a sweat. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards make their presence known all over the independent wrestling world and this theme’s first few seconds are a warning sign to their opponents. Steer clear of the wolves.

94. Beverly Brothers WWF Theme
The Beverly Brothers ThemeThe Beverly Brothers Theme © WWE2010-09-29T10:44:43.000Z
Those fabulous guys in the purple tights who competed during the WWF’s Rock ‘N Roll era were these guys. The Beverly Brothers are an underrated duo who could fly off the top rope and land some grounded offense like nobody’s business. Their theme is seriously catchy as hell. I can totally imagine dancing to this tune on a late 80’s dance floor.

93. Heidenreich – “Dangerous Politics”
Heidenreich Themescary poet mmmmmmmmm….2009-09-20T10:46:26.000Z
Anyone remember this freak and his creepy promos. I’m sure Michael Cole remembers him. Heidenreich was a big lug who wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire during his WWE stay. But I enjoyed his marching entrance and his wonderful poems about his personal strife’s. And that theme of his? Audio intimidation at it’s finest.

92. Elijah Burke – “Don’t Waste My Time”
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Elijah Burke was once dubbed as the future of WWE’s version of ECW. Then he paid a lengthy visit to TNA and morphed into a pope/pimp. I’m a huge fan of Burke and I wish he would’ve gotten a more thorough push at the top. When Elijah Burke ruled the ECW landscape, he rolled out to this epic piece of theme music. Take heed to the title ’cause he’s not here to waste time.

91. Gregory Helms – “It’s Time”
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He was “Sugar Shane.” He got his superhero on with “The Hurricane.” When he ditched the gimmicks and went back to plain ol’ Gregory Helms, it was finally time. He may not have nabbed a ton of wins, but he captured that Cruiserweight Championship and made it look good. This powerful theme of his wasn’t around very long, but I enjoyed its tenure when Helms was a WWE roster member.