The 100 Greatest Wrestling Themes Countdown: #40 – #31

Wrestling Themes

Are you wrestling fans still with us? Good. Let’s keep counting down the greatest wrestling themes of all time with numbers 40 through 31.

40. AJ Styles – “I Am”

AJ Styles theme song-I Amthis is is the official AJ Styles theme song -I Am2008-09-24T17:35:00.000Z

He’s truly one of the most phenomenal wrestlers to ever springboard off the ring ropes. AJ Styles has been flying across the ring for years and he’s made his stay in plenty of respectable feds (WCW, NWA Wildside, TNA etc). The fist version of his TNA theme song has the “hardest-to-forget” type of lyrics that you’ll sing at random intervals of the day.

39. Kane – “Slow Chemical”

Kane – Slow ChemicalKane's current theme by Finger Eleven2008-03-09T14:18:12.000Z

The “Big Red Machine” used to scare the pre-teen crap out of me back in the day. When he finally took his mask off, I was even more afraid of Undertaker’s little (yeah, sure) “brother.” During his 2003 run as a killing machine with no heart to speak of, Kane’s theme got an official remix from Finger Eleven. Most wrestling fans love his initial theme, but my dark heart lies with this one.

38. Taz – “Survive (If I Let You)”

VideoVideo related to the 100 greatest wrestling themes countdown: #40 – #312013-03-26T08:00:48-04:00

Taz ruled the ECW landscape as the terrifying “Human Suplex Machine.” His short stature was nothing to sneeze at since he was able to drop you on your head a million times. When he strolled down into the ECW arena with his crew backing him up, this fear-inducing theme signaled the end of someone’s livelihood. SURVIVE…IF I LET YOU!

37. Hardcore/Crash Holly – “Slow Death”

WWF Crash Holly ThemeThis video is for educational purposes only and is not meant to infringe copyright material. All music and photos are copy right by WWE. This is the theme used by the Holly Cousins during the attitude era.2011-01-31T16:06:33.000Z

You know what’s hilarious? Watching an advertisement on Spike TV, listening to the music that’s playing and going, “HEY, THAT WAS A WRESTLING THEME!” Case in point: the first theme of Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly. These guys ran roughshod over the WWF’s Hardcore division. And this theme fit their blond hair, ass kicking ways to the T!

36. Gangrel/The Brood – “Blood”

The Brood theme song ( WWF )I do not own any of the rights to this video, they all belong to the WWE.2008-10-03T00:51:58.000Z

One of the greatest wrestling entrances EVER belongs to the vampire stable by the name of The Brood. Gangrel erupted from the flames with a young Edge and Christian, all the while smiling with malicious intent. The Brood tripped me out back in the days of supernatural wrestlers like the Undertaker and Kane. And the bloodbath? Oh, what a wonderful moment when that took place. Their theme needs a good bass system for full effect.

35. Dudley Boyz – “We’re Comin’ Down”

VideoVideo related to the 100 greatest wrestling themes countdown: #40 – #312013-03-26T08:00:48-04:00

D’VON…GET THE TABLES! Such an awesome tag team like the Dudley Boyz always livened up the crowd with that aforementioned chat. They always got a kick out of slamming fools (and senior citizens) through tables with reckless abandon. True story: me and my boy rocked the Dudley Boyz glasses one day. Our third buddy hated them, took ’em off our faces and broke ’em in half. Were we pissed? Nope! My boy pulled out two more pairs of those glasses and we annoyed him till recess was over. 3D! This is the theme that signaled their awesome reign during 2001.

34. Cactus Jack – “Whole Lotta Groove A.K.A Western Hardcore”

WWE – Cactus Jack ThemeCactus Jack's old theme song!2009-12-13T18:48:22.000Z

Mick Foley is a creative (and slightly troubled) genius. Cactus Jack is one of Foley’s more sadistic, brutal and insane alter ego’s. Cactus Jack slept in bed with barbed wire bats and creamed in his tights every time he heard the words “EXPLODING DEATHMATCH!” “Mr. Bang, Bang” came out to an awesome piece of music that evoked images of chainsaws and ring apron elbow drops.

33. Drew McIntyre – “Broken Dreams”

WWE Drew Mcintyre Theme – Broken Dreams FullDrew Mcintyre – Broken Dreams2010-06-08T21:21:41.000Z

Remember when Vince McMahon christened Drew McIntyre as the “Chosen One” of the WWE? When he received that moniker from WWE’s boss man (no, not that one), he seemed to be at the top of his game. And the theme he used to come out to? It was a weird fit for the guy, but it sounded too good to ignore. Drew is a band member now, which is fun. But if he ever gets back to being serious and menacing again, this theme would be a welcome return to greatness.

32. Vader – “Mastodon”

VideoVideo related to the 100 greatest wrestling themes countdown: #40 – #312013-03-26T08:00:48-04:00

IT’S TIME! IT’S TIME! IT’S VADER TIME! (time, time…) Vader was a living, breathing mastodon. It was simply amazing to witness him take to the top rope and hit some of the cleanest looking moonsault’s ever performed. In WCW, no one could seem to stop him. And in the WWF, his penchant for destruction just got worse. His WWF theme definitely let the crowd know what time it is.

31. The Sandman – “Enter The Sandman”

The Sandman Arena Theme "Enter Sandman (ECW Version)"Credit to Motorhead. -uploaded in HD at TunesToTube.com2011-11-19T23:41:45.000Z

ECW changed the game in a lot of ways. One of the more innovative things the company did was the way it attached certified songs to its wild roster. The Sandman entering to Metallica’s classic song about a boogeyman just made too much sense. His entrance was even longer than his matches, but that was a good thing. Wanna know who cracked beers before a certain baldie? This man…The Sandman.

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