The 100 Greatest Wrestling Themes Countdown: #60 – #51

Wrestling Themes

I went ahead and climbed the ladder, dodged a few chair shots, and put a few bums through tables to bring you this awesome list of the greatest wrestling themes. Let’s keep fighting on, as I count down from numbers 60 through 51.

60. Christian – “Blood Brother”

Christian’s picture should be the first thing you see next to the words “Great Wrestling Themes.” He’s made his stay in the WWF/E and TNA, captured plenty of championships, and strolled down the ramp to great music. One of his best themes happens to be the one he used during his Brood membership days. True story: I used to play his song constantly whenever I played WWF Wrestlemania 2000.

59. Fabulous Freebirds – “Badstreet USA”

Freebird USA! All day! By myself! The Fabulous Freebirds took over Texas while they made their stay in WCCW. This three man team innovated the wrestling biz through their “Freebird Rule.” Any three man stable owes their career to these guys. Michael “P.S.” Hayes, Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy and Buddy “Jack” Roberts will kick your ass all up and down Badstreet with this self-sung theme.

58. Midnight Express – “The Chase”

Jim Cornette managed some of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace their boots. One of his best tag team contacts were NWA/WCW’s Midnight Express. My favorite version of the team was the one that put Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane front and center. Bobby Eaton was a consummate professional who could wrestle anybody and produce a good match. “Sweet” Stan Lane was lacin’ fools with karate kicks before it was considered cool. Their theme is actually a similar sounding rendition of the chase theme from the Midnight Express movie. Trivia’s awesome.

57. Mankind – “Wreck”

Let’s all say hello to Mankind and give a great ovation to his hometown of Long Island, NY. Cheap pops galore! Mick Foley is one of the few wrestlers I’ve known to wrestle under more than one gimmick. His most successful gimmick has to be the lovable loser, Mankind. Anyone who considers them self a hardcore wrestling fan should know about his HIAC bout with The Undertaker. Mankind’s Attitude Era theme (which rips the intro from Razor Ramon’s theme) is ripe for those cheap pops. HAVE A NICE DAY!

56. Ahmed Johnson – “Pearl River Rip”

Whatever happened to this guy? Seemed like he was on the cusp of greatness during his WWF stay. Ahmed was a big brute who destroyed everyone with Pearl River Plunge’s all through the mid to late 90’s. He had a nice little run with the Intercontinental Championship and I felt like a WWF Championship title run was in his future. Then…he disappeared. Bobby Lashley couldn’t fill Ahmed’s boots! This theme is hard. As. Hell. Ahmed never stopped being a badass, too! Here’s proof.

55. Demolition – “Demolition”

Ax and Smash ruled the world. Yeah, yeah, I know folks think they’re pretty much knockoff’s of the Road Warriors. SO WHAT? Demolition still owned. The whole S&M ring attire might be strange to some, but they usually changed people’s perception of them once they ripped some lame jobbers apart. Great tag team wrestling and Demolition go hand in hand. Here they come.

54. Owen Hart – “King of Hearts”

There’s always a great debate in wrestling – Which Hart brother was the better wrestler? Bret Hart or his little brother, Owen Hart? I’m one of the biggest Bret Hart fans in the world, but I’ve always considered Owen a much better technician. Owen could suplex you out of your boots and take flight off the top rope. Owen’s mid-90’s WWF run as the “King of Hearts” was fun to watch, plus this theme was fun to listen to. Anyone else this Owen’s son sound kind of similar to this atrocious tune? RIP Owen.

53. Diamond Dallas Page – “Self High-Five”

Diamond Dallas Page is one of wrestling’s most unsung legends. His accolades speak volumes about his run during the Monday Night Wars, but today’s fans only seem to remember him as Undertaker’s stalker/bitch. DDP worked his way to the big time and peaked at an age where most athletes consider retirement. His Diamond Cutter made crowds instantly pop and his matches were spectacular to watch. Even though his theme is a straight-up rip of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” it’s still one of the greatest wrestling themes of all time.

52. D’Lo Brown – “The Real Deal”

You wanna talk about underrated? Exhibit A: D’Lo Brown. He had the body of a heavyweight, but he could fly around the ring like a cruiserweight. The head shaking, leg dropping Brown was an amazing wrestler who even outshined some of the bigger stars at the time of his run. D’Lo’s theme song is extra hype and hilarious at the same time. That loud yell at the beginning of the song signaled someone’s end by way of a Lo Down. YOU LOOKIN’ AT THE REAL DEAL NOW!

51. The Undertaker – “Dark Side”

Taker’s been around for a loooooooooooong time, hasn’t he? Throughout the years, he’s attained a level of respect that no one can throw dirt on. When he was running around the WWF in 1998/1999, his new “Dark Side” theme followed his slow crawl to the ring. I miss this theme and I’d wish the big man would pull it out during old school episodes of Monday Night RAW. Attitude Taker was the Phenom, indeed.