The 20 Awesomest Celebrity Photobombs


In lieu of Reddit user TadpolesisAWinner posting this today:


And the media frenzy surrounding this this month:


We thought it was about time for a top 20 funniest celebrity photo bombs.
Get ready to laugh.

20. Slick Willy creeps on Kelly Clarkson
Since U Been Gone, Bill, we’ve missed your lecherous antics.

19. Polly Wants a Cera
Michael Cera looks just like another bird on his shoulder.

18. Mini Me Mini Mini-Bombs Abbey Clancy
Talk about an usual pair.

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17. Russell Brand Annoys Even the Supernatural
If a vampire and werewolf won’t punch this guy, who will?

16. You’re Facing the Wrong Way, Angelina
While this is most definitely staged, having Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black partaking in a photobomb together is epic.

15. Bomb, James Bomb
Get out of there, Taylor!

14. Look at These Two
Clarkson takes part in a classic, “WTF?” bomb, while Portia de Rossi just looks effed up.

13. When Clooney Attacks
George ruins a perfectly good selfie of Cindy Crawford and husband.

12. How I Met Your Photo
Neil Patrick Harris jumps in at opportune time to bomb these two bros.

11. He’s a Cop, You Idiot!
And he’s here to protect GWB.

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10. Cera, 2
Look behind you. Chances are Michael Cera is popping up behind your shoulder.

9. JGL Takes the Oscars Seriously
Although that face looks suspiciously Joker-esque…

8. XXX Gets Jay Z’d
Vin Diesel probably doesn’t care, or even find it funny.

7. He’s Not Only A Doctor, He’s a Professional Photobomber
Hugh Laurie does it all with an American style and flair. (Shhh, he’s British.)

6. Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Martial on Ang Lee and Uma Thurman
Trying to make up his screen time for the “Prince of Persia” movie nobody saw.

5. Magic Eye: Robert Pattinson
They say actors are smaller in real life, but this is ridiculous.

4. Trump Bomb Courtesy of Tyler the Creator
tyler the creator, donald trump

Yes, he was FIRED for this.

3. Justin Bieber Breaks Up Russell Brand and Katy Perry
Russell Brand, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry
Ohhh so that’s what happened there.

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2. Paul Giamatti Turns this Photo “Sideways”
And Sandra Oh just closes her eyes. #ignored

1. Firestorm Behind Kate Beckinsale
This kid isn’t famous, but he should be.

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