The 20 Awesomest Hip-Hop Pictures and Memes You’ve Never Seen

While Hip-Hop has gone from subculture to massive pop phenomenon, one thing has remained constant: people love rappers. Sure, back in the day, it was a bit more modest and down-to-earth, but even though rappers nowadays sport golden chains, live in Hollywood mansions, and make their own brand of headphones, well, they’re still some of the most interesting people around. Welcome to the 20 Awesomest Hip-Hop Pictures You’ve Never Seen.

Biggie bigness explained.

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 12.57.01 PM

Tupac and Suge Knight play Sonic.

Tupac and Suge Knight playing sonic

2 Chains with an astute observation.


Kendrick Llama


Tarantino represents the Wu.

Tarantino reps wu tang

Different Sides of Ice Cube

ice cube mellow

Jay-Z drinks Cognac from his Grammy.


Jay-Z + Beyonce = Jayonce.


50 Cent Instagram Win

50 cent killing on instagram

More 50 Cent Goodness

fiddy aint dat hard

Don't be a hater, hook up your friends with this

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Gucci Mane goes fishing in his bathtub.

gucci mane

Snoopie Dog.

snoopie brown

Rapping is as American as Presidents, Baseball, and Obesity.

rap rushmore

Method Man made from cigar shavings.

Method Man

A classic line.

Make the ground move

She ain’t nothing to mess with…

WuTang Girl

Slothes go hard.

Sloths in the trap

Tyler hanging out with J-Lo. Keepin’ it creepy.

Tyler J Lo

Inspiring Kanye!


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And we’ll leave you on the Kanye we all know (and kind of love)

kanye loves kanye

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