The 20 Awesomest Pieces of Artery Clogging Bacon Art


The art world has yet to recognize bacon as a respectable medium, but make no mistake, its pork glorified time will come. The bacon artists of today toil away in their kitchens and studios, eating sculpting hour after hour bacon masterpieces for bacon enthusiasts to drool over. From Star Wars to van Gough, these pieces of pork art will give you a new appreciation for bacon… and probably a heart attack.

bacon art at-at

The Galactic Empire has just unleashed a super weapon with this bacon armored At-At.


Hope you like bacon in your beer, because your getting it whether you like it or not.

bacon art bazooka

Let’s see terrorists come back from a blast by this bacon bazooka. ‘Murrica!

bacon art roses

If your woman doesn’t appreciate this bouquet of roses, you know the drill… next stop, curb.

bacon art joe apriho

Phoenix citizens either love or hate Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio. The man is tough on crime, but easy on bacon.

bacon_art eggs

Bacon eggs, it’s what’s for breakfast.

bacon art-bieber

This may be the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen, but no doubt, there is a frenzy of tween girls out there waiting to devour Bacon Bieber’s face.

bacon ak 47

Automatic death never tasted so salty delicious.

meat horse

AuTopsyTurvy entered his “Meat Horse” into the Instructables Bacon Contest. The porky steed is made out of $200 worth of prosciutto and bacon.


I take back what I said about “Bacon Bieber.” THIS is the most disturbing use of bacon I’ve seen. Yet, I still want to eat it. Get in my belly, bacon baby!


So you suck at guitar? No worries, just eat your instrument and wash your sorrows away in bacon harmony.

It would be a crime not to share this bacon-tastic glory with your friends. Spread the bacon madness!

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Simple, yet brilliant. There be bacon in them hills.


Hallelujah, bacon is king!


Yes, bacon excitement can cause a man or woman to “Scream” with joy.


Reddit user Liktwo used 15 packages of cured pork o create this bacon plated Skyrim helmet.

america loves bacon and guns

Not your traditional piece of bacon art, but a poignant take on two things Americans love: bacon and firearms.


Never go against the bacon.


Kinda makes Vincent van Gogh version rather lame now, doesn’t it?


Kevin Bacon made of bacon = mind blown.

Via Foodista, Bacon Tumblr, Internet

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